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7 reasons customer video is the best social media marketing tool for adventure tourism operators. 

7 reasons customer video is the best social media marketing tool for adventure tourism operators. 

Lance Foster
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7 reasons customer video is the best social media marketing tool for adventure tourism operators. 

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Lance Foster

No.1 - Fresh content

Every customer's experience with you is unique. Although the videos might be familiar to you, they are always unique to your customer and their online audience. That means every customer you provide an experience to, provides an opportunity to produce fresh video content highlighting the best your adventure experience has to offer. Think about it. How often can you afford to produce a VR or promo video? This is fresh unique video content on a daily basis being shared on social media without the hole your pocket.

No.2 - Authentic content.

What is more authentic than a customer’s real life adventure experience that you provide? Capture their personal experience on video and you have something that not even the best movie director in the business can produce. Real and raw emotion.  You don't find more authentic video content online. Think of it as a selfie video your customer receives and shares on a daily basis. 

No.3 - Shareable content.  

With video editing solutions like Floodin PRO which is specifically developed specifically for adventure tourism operators, video photo links are sent to customers' mobile phones via email and text, where they can share those videos on social media with one click. If you just had the best time of your life, wouldn’t you want to share it? Customers are sharing what they had for breakfast on social media, imagine what they’ll do with a video of themselves river rafting!

No.4 - Targeted content.

Who are your customers most likely to share their experience videos with?  Family and friends every time guaranteed! How is that targeted you might ask. Well people are friends with each other not because they share the same hairstyle or eye colour. People become and stay friends because they share the same interests, desires, hobbies and are often attracted to the same activities.  Your customer videos are being viewed and shared by potential customers who fit your perfect target customer profile.  No other video content guarantees you that kind of targeted exposure.

No. 5 – Measurable content.

Thanks to personalized video portal pages where adventure customers view, download and share their videos. You can easily track just how much traction and engagement you are getting from adventure customer videos. Align your personalized portal page with current campaigns, customize banners and more. It's more measurable and customizable than any other form of video content you can produce.  

No. 6 - Cost Effective content

Thanks to the wonderful times we live in, where a quality camera won’t cost you deposit on a house and innovative automated video editing and sharing solutions like Floodin PRO are simplifying video post-production without any fixed costs to adventure tourism operators. The process of providing your customers with great videos and photo packages that they can share on social media has never been more accessible and cost effective for tourism operators than it is right now.

No.7 – Video has never been more relevant

By 2021 82% of all traffic on the internet will be video according to well…. Multiple sources. So what does that mean exactly? Well basically it means you need more video linked to your online profile to stay relevant in the marketplace but also that it will become harder to stand out amongst the competition who are also using video. BUT your customers are sharing their video and photos with friends and family directly to their social media timelines which means that you are continually being viewed and gaining exposure even if you don’t obtain 100000 views on Youtube which will boost your google rankings.  

So, there you have it. That is seven reasons why your customers are the best marketing tool for adventure tourism operators and will continue to be during and post Covid-19!

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