Lance Foster
Lance Foster

5 tips for small to medium sized adventure tourism operators filming and sharing  customer experience videos.

5 tips for small to medium sized adventure tourism operators filming and sharing  customer experience videos.

Lance Foster
Adventure Tourism

5 tips for small to medium sized adventure tourism operators filming and sharing  customer experience videos.

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Lance Foster

Tip 1 - Start small!  

There is no need to break the bank when starting out or over complicating the process of capturing and sharing customer experience videos and photos. You want to measure how your customers will react to being filmed and receiving a video and some photos of their experience. All you need is a camera, some basic knowledge of how to use that camera, your existing laptop connected to the internet and Floodin PRO which you can use on a free trial basis to get started.  Provide your customers with a few free video / photo packages of their experience and ask for their feedback to help you grow. 

Tip 2 – Use the camera as an engagement tool

In the modern world of smart phones and tech, the chances of encountering a customer who has never been captured on camera before or who is extremely “camera shy” is rare. View capturing your customers as an opportunity to enhance their overall experience. Explain to them why you are filming them, how they will receive their video and photos and get them to have fun while you capture video and photos of them.  9 times out of 10 if you have the right attitude towards filming their once in a lifetime experience so will your customers.  

Tip 3 – Don’t get trigger happy

Identify key moments along your tour / activity that will provide you with great shots. Aim for 5 – 10 video shots that are standard and allow yourself to capture other key moments. You don’t need to capture every minute of the customers experience and create a 10minute long video. For most activities a 1 – 2minute video that is optimized to be shared on social media is more than enough to get your customers excited. When last did you watch a video posted by your friend  on any social media platform that was longer than that? 

Tip 4 – Make sure you capture your clients

All adventure activities are unique and offer unique subjects to capture on video and through photographs but remember that unless you have a ton of time to focus on landscapes and surroundings (which most adventure workflows don’t allow as you are focussed on customer safety and other tasks) focus primarily on capturing your customers expressions, emotions and memories. Yes!  They want to see themselves.  Make sure you cater for that need. 

Tip 5 – Use Floodin PRO support & watch tutorials 

As with most things involved in providing adventure experiences for customer’s it’s not always going to work out how you plan it to. There are going to be some challenges when it comes to capturing and sharing videos and photos with customers. But the benefits far outweigh the challenges and don’t forget Floodin PRO offers full support to all of its clients no matter if you are a 1 man owner operator or 200 staff strong.  Watch some tutorials on how to create better videos, how to streamline operations, create templates and more on our learn and support page or get in touch with us regarding your specific requirements. Our application has been developed on real adventure tourism operators experiences and will continue to do so. We value your input.

Visit our learn & support page here for more info on getting started creating and sharing great customer video and photo packages. 

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