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Lance Foster

5 things Adventure operators can do right now to get ready for post Covid-19? 

5 things Adventure operators can do right now to get ready for post Covid-19? 

Lance Foster
Post Covid 19

5 things Adventure operators can do right now to get ready for post Covid-19? 

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Lance Foster

Ok so there’s probably 101 tasks you have listed by now that you have planned to do in order to enhance your adventure operation post covid-19. I’m going to focus on 5 that will probably cost you some time and thought but that won’t cost you any money. 

No.1 – Plan to include revenue generating tools when you open.

Less PAX equal less revenue, and it’s clear that over the next few months you will have less of both. But there are options available that can help generate added revenues from the customers you do cater to and there are ways of planning to introduce those revenue generators into your operation right now without costing you money. One of those and probably the best way to add revenues is to provide your customers with a memory of their trip and Yes you probably guessed it. The best way to do that is through video and photographs that your customers can either purchase onsite or online and that affords them they opportunity to share those experiences online with friends and family. Not only can this generate you added revenue from customers but it can also seriously boost your online marketing exposure without costing you money.  How… well without coming across as being a blog purely focused on selling Floodin PR0 the answer is… FLOODIN PRO. 100% commission pricing model with a $2.50 minimum fee means you only pay for services as you earn. Online payment solutions means you can boost sales by providing customers with the option to purchase long after their date of experience. Automated editing and sharing solutions means you don’t need to be a PRO to use it not too mention its available on a free trial basis with full support which means it costs you nothing to consider and test post Covid-19 and that you can with help iron out any challenges you foresee happening. Much better than printing and trying to sell T-shirts and key-rings don’t you think?

If you have stopped reading by now I completely understand but if you continue there is more to the blog than just promoting the best automated video photo solutions for adventure tourism operators that’s out there!

No.2 – Focus on SEO

Yes this will come to an end and when it does the intrepid traveller will not be booking their holidays from a travel agent. They will be using google search engines to search for experiences like the ones you offer. To stay on top of the rankings you have an opportunity to focus on key areas of your online existence. No. Google rankings do not stay the same. The criteria for top raking google search results has changed and will continue to change as google implements new features and functions. Again. No. Customers are not going to start using Duck duck go search engine (yes it's real) when trying to plan their next adventure travel trip. They will be using google and now is a very good time to get on top of that. How well the information is out there. What do you know about Voice search optimization, Obtain domain authority, utilizing back links for traction, Optimizing your site for featured snippets, Staying on top of rise in video, Visual search and combating decreasing CTRs. Well now is seriously the time to find out and to put in place a strategy and more importantly a content plan to get on top of it making sure you come out on top. You might be thinking you need a professional to do this and that’s going to cost money. You might be right but there is a lot you can do without spending a penny yourself to get it on track or to at least have the content lined up to be published when you do have a penny to spend. We are an automated video photo solutions company and our service product will rapidly increase your online exposure from customers sharing their video and photos on social media platforms but we are not pros in SEO. We just do research and take notes from experts like  Brian Dean with his brilliant blog on SEO in 2020

This is something you can start doing at no cost that will have a measurable impact on marketing during and post Covid-19.

No.3- Start creating new content

Look at what you’ve done in the past, look at your full library of content not just from you but from everyone in your operation. Ask staff or colleagues for any content they might have and unify that content. “Unify content” is a strange term I know, but it simply means get all of your content together in one place. Know what you have. Know what worked in the past and start creating content that links with the content you already have or start creating content. Get in touch with customers and ask them about their experience with you. Have they shared their video you provided them with yet? Do they have any media they would mind sharing with you? Get in touch with a guide or staff member. Get them to send you a picture and ask them a few questions? Ask all staff members about their experience and create a page just on them maybe… These are ideas of course and not all of them will work for you but the objective is to get you to think content. That’s what is going to give you the upper hand during and post Covid-19 when it comes to online exposure. That and providing every single customer with an amazing video and photo package of their experience of course using Floodin PRO and then encouraging them to share that video or photo on social media with one click from their mobile phone before they have left your adventure operation….. ☺ These are all tactics you can employ right now without costing you money. Yes it will cost time but… If done smartly. No money. 

No.4 – Collaborate and build relations

The adventure tourism industry like all others will need operational guidelines post covid-19. You might have already spoken to activity operators like yours aka competitors regarding these guidelines but possibly it's time to take it to the next level and put together a plan or better a feedback from requesting information specific to your type of activity that could potentially be put forward as guidelines and who knows even give your activity a early step back into the marketplace. That’s just an idea of course but making contact, collaborating and building relations is something positive you can do during these difficult times to boost your industry and potentially build strong ties with professionals that may lead to collaborative marketing campaigns driving traffic to your door. Another great way is to look at a collaborative page focused on your location. E.g. Golden eagle mountain where your adventure operation takes place but where there are also some wonderful other activities taking place. Start to market yourselves together just like booking agents do….

Advertise other activities on your customers video photo package portal page. When they share their video and photos on social media all viewers get a chance to be informed about your activity but also those advertised on the page. Collaboration is something you can do at no cost right now that has measurable long term benefits post Covid-19. 

No.5 – Experience your experience 

Not every is lucky enough to partake in the experience they offer adventure tourists on a day to day basis and even if they are it often becomes quite a normal experience.  Get out there and experience your experience from the eyes of your customer. Put yourself in their shoes and adopt a completely neutral view on your operation with the objective of just having fun without any critical view on the experience while partaking on the experience. When you get back to the home office sit down and consider all aspects of your experience and how you could improve on that experience and don't forget to capture a video and some photos of yourself to share with your friends and family and measure the engagement you get using Floodin PRO! 

If you didn’t read 5 reasons why you should be getting ready for post Covid-19 do so here.

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