Can Floodin PRO work for my specific activity?

FloodinPRO is designed and priced to suite all operators workflows and all budgets.
For more info specific to your operation - click on "Find your activity" in the menu bar.
For tablets/ mobile users - please click here

How does the pricing work?

Its 100% commission based.
No contracts and no fixed fees.
You pay as you sell videos and photos.

If a customer pays you onsite:
We bill you monthly for 10% commission
(with a minimum of 2.50 USD) of that transaction.

If a customer pays via your online shop:
We bill you monthly for 20% commission
(with a minimum of 5.00 USD) of that transaction.

How does the free trial work?

You download the Floodin PRO application and the following takes place:
- Enter your details and price of your video photo packages in the sign up form.
- Your online shop and portal page where customers view their video and photos
  is automatically created.
- You follow first time user step by step manuals and test Floodin PRO.

When your 15 day trial ends Floodin PRO will request that you enter your details to continue using Floodin PRO. 

You get full support during your free trial. We are happy to help with getting you setup and creating great videos for your customers.

How am I billed?

Direct debit each month or via electronic invoice.

The choice is yours. We calculate how many onsite and online sales you have made and bill accordingly.

You have full access to all records for cross reference and our accounts department is available between 08:00am – 18:00pm GMT+2 for any queries you might have regarding billing.

Do I need internet to run Floodin PRO?

You can create videos using Floodin PRO offline, but you will require a minimum of a 2mbps internet upload speed in order to upload and share those videos. The time that it takes to upload also depends on the length and size of the video.

Does Floodin PRO work offline?

Yes. Floodin PRO has an automated queuing system which allows you to continue to create videos offline and when your connection is live videos and photos automatically start to upload according to the order they were created in making sure you can still carry on operating even if your connection is down.

How do customers receive their video and photos?

Once your customers have made payment a URL link to their video / photo portal page is sent to their email and mobile no. which opens and allows the customer to view, download and share their video photos on most social media networks?

Is it difficult to setup and use Floodin PRO?

Floodin PRO comes with step by step guide that take you through the entire interface and shows you just how easy Floodin PRO is to operate.

Create a project, Enter customers details, Drag and drop footage, Tick paid. That is basically it.

Please visit our Learn & Support page to show you exactly how simple it is to setup and use the app. 

How long does it take for customers to view their video and photo package?

Once you have uploaded the footage and photos into a project Floodin PRO automatically creates your video. Once its ready you can play a preview for your customer right away while the video automatically uploads. Alternatively your customer can preview and purchase offsite via the online shop. 

Do I need a super fast and expensive computer to use Floodin PRO?

No, but we do recommend the following minimum computer specs to ensure videos are created within optimal time frames. 

i5 + processor4GB + RAM256GB SSD + hard-drive
The faster the computer the smoother any program runs.

Do I need a super-fast internet connection to use Floodin PRO?

No, but remember you are uploading videos and photographs which are dependent on the length and size of the video and photo's and can take some time on slow connections. We recommend at least 2-4mbps upload speeds for videos less than 2minutes to ensure your system runs smoothly and customers receive their links in time.

Can I run Floodin PRO using the same account on multiple computers at the same time?

Yes. As many computers as you like using your login details. But remember that you will need to import any templates that you have created to every alternate computer! 

Please visit our Learn & Support page for more on exporting and importing templates.

Is Floodin PRO GDPR compliant?

Yes, Floodin PRO protects all customer data according to GDPR regulations and does not use any of YOUR customers details for any other reason than sharing the video and photo packages you create and notifying customer’s to download or purchase.More on GDPR here

Can Floodin PRO integrate with our digital check in software to transfer details from check in to Floodin PRO?

Yes. We are already integrated with multiple digital check providers.

For more info click here- integrations page

What cameras and file formats does Floodin PRO support?

Floodin supports the following formats
VIDEO – MP4, MOV, AVI and PHOTOS – JPG, PNG, TIFF. Most DSLR and action cameras will capture footage and photos in these formats. For special requirements click here- contact us.

How long are videos and photos stored online for customers to view, download and share?

Videos and photos are live for 3 months from date of purchase ,with automated notification mails sent to remind customers to download their video and photos 7 days prior to their links expiration date. 

Video and photos are live for 1 month for those customers who have not paid, this ensures that they can still preview and purchase via your online shop. An automated notification mail is sent reminding customers to preview and purchase their video and photos 7 days prior to their links expiration date.

Please visit our Learn & Support page for more info

What happens when things go wrong?

Floodin PRO has "in app" step by step guides as well as a direct messaging system IN APP which allows the user to communicate directly with our support department. 

Please visit our Learn & Support page for more on who to contact for support.

Why should I choose Floodin PRO?

-Get full Floodin pro features with a minimum fee.
- 100% commission based pricing model of 2.50 USD ; Floodin PRO is the most cost effective video photo solution for adventure operators on the market by far!

-Use your existing equipment with Floodin PRO with no need to spend on specific cameras that only function with specific applications. 

-Its free to try with no obligations and there is no contract or fixed costs. You pay as you use. 

- Your customers will love it. Imagine receiving your video and photos on your mobile phone before you have left the premises and being able to share that experience with friends and family right away. That’s what happens when you choose Floodin PRO

- Full support. In app guides and direct support messaging, not to mention training tutorials and manuals on our learn & support page. Floodin PRO understands that problems can cost you time and money and we take pride in providing timely and efficient support to all customers. Need more reasons please watch

– Why choose Floodin PRO video here.

Can Floodin PRO assist with onsite setups and training?

Yes. We have a professional production / setup team that can be anywhere in the world for onsite setups and training of staff if required. Normally that involves capturing template footage, designing and implementing production workflows, Procurement and installation of equipment and training of staff. 

Contact us for more details here

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