Top Tourist Attraction FAQ

How does it work for Top Attractions/Destinations?

All attractions are unique and come with their unique workflow requirements. Below is an example of a workflow:

Step 1 -  Visitors check in at your desitnation and receive a no. Capture some videos and photos of guests at the entrance to your destination either with a green screen backdrop or with a live backdrop.

Step 2 - Drop / upload the footage and photos into a project with the guests no. in Floodin PRO.

Step 3 -  Your visitors video is automatically created either using Auto Edit or Manual edit options, then automatically exported and uploaded online.

Step 4 - Once previewed and  paid for, your customer is sent a link to their mobile phone via text and email which opens their video (photos optional) where they can view, download and share their experience  social media.

Why use / choose Floodin PRO?

- Helps personalize your customers experience.
- Generates you added revenue.
- Gains you online exposure when customers share their video / photos on social media.

How do I get started testing?

Step 1
-  Download Floodin PRO and test on a no obligations free trial.

Step 2
- Follow the step by step guides and create your first customer video / photo package.

Step 3
-  Enjoy full support from our dedicated support team who will assist with any training, queries, equipment and anything else you might need to get going.

What equipment will I need?

-   Windows / Mac desktop or laptop (i5 or faster recommended).
-   A camera (visit our camera equipment page here).
-   An Internet connection (3mbps+ upload speed recommended but not essential).
-   Floodin PRO application free trial download.

What are the costs post free trial?

* Free  Trial  - No payment details required
 - No obligations

* Sales   - 100% commission based (You pay as you earn)
  - No fixed fees and no contracts

Onsite sales commission (for sales made at your office / shop)
10% commission of the video / photo package sales price 
(minimum fee of $2.50 per package)

 Online sales (if customers pay via the online shop after leaving your  premises)
20% commission of your video / photo package sales price.
(minimum of $5.00 per package)
 You can also offer video photo packages free of charge to customers to add  value and for marketing purposes on a customized pricing package. Please contact us in this regard.

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